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Xtech Drafting has been using Tekla Structures(Formally Xsteel) for the last 10 years to produce highly accurate, quality shop drawings. Having a proven track record with large consultancies to small fabrication companies, Tekla Structures can handle the most complex structures of any size.

Tekla Structures, being a 3D database driven modelling package, has many other advantages over other software packages and can be tailored to meet individual clients needs. With its ability to reference Autocad and Microstation files it helps facilitate design development from all disciplines thus enabling any error detection and speeding up work flows throughout a project.

In utilising this software we are able to provide quick, accurate drawings from Isometric views, Marking Plans, H.D. bolt layouts, Assembly drawings, Fitting sheets, Wrap around templates for CHS members and N.C C.N.C files for beam lines and profile cutters.

Tekla Structures can also provide detailed reports of Cutting lists, Material lists, Bolt lists, and Assembly lists. Coupled with qualified competent staff and a high professional work standard, Xtech Drafting is endeavouring to take advantage of the latest and ongoing technology and bring all its clients into a 21st century approach to structural steel shop drawings.


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