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Virtual Construction

Virtual Construction
Xtech Drafting's Virtual Construction is a process that is designed to create a real-time computer aided construction simulation, moving through a series of complex, detailed and accurate 3D modelling phases.

Xtech Drafting's Virtual Construction saves time, increases the accuracy of drawings and documents and ultimately saves project costs.

The Planning Model
The Planning Model is created from importing the engineer’s analysis model Xtech Drafting's models to utilise its in-built construction planning tools. Structural framing from various engineering design programs using an IFC, SDNF or CIS/2 transfer are imported into the model. These methods populate the model with actual steel members for use in the Construction Model and the Detailed Production Model.

The Construction Model
The Construction Model created by Xtech Drafting from the 2D design documents provides the construction team with a real construction simulation of the project from the design phase through to the completion of erection. This enables the construction team, working closely with Xtech Drafting, to foresee and understand any design or site constraints before they occur on site saving valuable time and money.

The Production Model
The Construction Model is used to generate the detailed Production Model for the steel, concrete and rebar components. The Construction and Production Models maintain a direct link so that the design and detailing status is directly fed from the detailed Production Model back into the Construction Model for updated status reporting and design evolution. Detailed Production Models are created for each part of the structure by the relevant work teams.


Virtual Model Diagram


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